Sunroom Information


What’s a sunroom?

A sunroom is a street living room made of glass and a screen mounted on a wooden or concrete foundation. It is also known as a patio room, sunroom, patio or Florida room. Glass walls bring sunlight and protect against wind, bugs, rain and cold. Consisting mainly of single or double pane glass, sunrooms should be designed to match the style and appearance of your home.

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Adding sunrooms is a popular way to make your home feel better. You can see all advantages of this glass patio cover in San Jose. They are an affordable way to add space to your home. Solar rooms allow you to enjoy outdoor living with comfort. Depending on the style you choose, your sunroom can be 3 season or all year round, which increases the pleasure of staying in your home and its resale value.

The Evolution of Sunrooms

Think of the sunroom as a modern porch! On farms and in the city rowing houses, the covered porch was a place to sit and relax at the end of the day. With seclusion in the suburbs, families moved to the backyard for rest and relaxation. But the rain made the terraces unusable, and the annoying beetles sent people to flee behind the shelters. This prompted many families to take refuge in the backyard.

As the window industry developed, it became possible to purchase storm windows and attach them together to close the terrace, gaining even more benefit from the open space. In response to homeowners’ desire for a more beautiful and functional outdoor space, the patio design industry was born.

These versatile patio rooms extended the open season, provided protection from rain and insects, and gave homeowners extra space. As consumers became more energy conscious and advanced building technologies became available, patios and solar rooms became accessible with insulated glass, vinyl frames, and more complex structures.

Many companies also began offering greenhouses and winter gardens, which were popular in Europe.

How to Choose a Sunroom

When choosing a patio or sunroom you want to consider the best choice to meet your needs. The way you plan to use your room should depend on your choice of materials and size. Choose a sunroom style that is versatile and matches the architecture of your home.

Quality is a crucial aspect when choosing a sunroom. Ask a technician who can demonstrate that they will use quality materials to build your project. After all, the sunroom is the continuation of your biggest investment – your home! Rest assured that it will provide years of trouble-free use.