Six factors to consider when buying glass partitions for your office


Purchasing glass partitions is not a complicated exercise like modular walls. Despite that, most clients have a lot of questions before purchasing, and below are a few factors to consider before any purchase is made. This is to ensure clients buy the right type of glass partitions that will perfectly suit the need of their office spaces.

  1. Privacy 

Replacing opaque, drywalls with glass comes with a lot of glamour, but on the other hand, it compromises the aspect of privacy. Despite the much required natural lighting, we cannot afford to compromise on this very important aspect. This calls for proper decision making on which spaces to keep private and which others to open up.

  1. Safety 

In some instances, people are so carried away that they will tend to walk through transparent glass walls. The effect of such a scenario needs not much explanation, but either the individual would get hurt by the impact or the glass will break depending on the quality and impact. To avoid such cases, we advise clients to purchase etched glass partitions or those with formal decorations.

  1. Energy savings 

Using glass partition instead of opaque, drywalls allows in natural light. This enables most offices to cut costs associated with artificial lighting. Natural light, at the same time, boosts the working environment hence increasing the levels of productivity. 

  1. Increased collaboration 

There are high levels of isolation associated with solid drywalls. This, by itself, has many limitations in case an office is associated with collaborative activities. The use of glass partition fosters teamwork in terms of sharing ideas and an easier way to make good use of shared office equipment. They also reduce the need to move from office to another for any reason. 

  1. Distractions 

Glass partitions are likely to reduce the levels of distraction, for instance, one can clearly see through the partition that there is an ongoing meeting, and if the matter at hand is not urgent, it can wait. At the same time, they could be the very sources of distraction if they are not properly installed. Proper precaution measures should be put in place to ensure the glass partition serve their purpose without compromising on other aspects. 

  1. Future savings 

Glass partitions last over decades, and their maintenance cost is virtually close to zero. Reconfiguration by itself takes little time, less hazardous, and, most importantly, it is very cheap. They cannot be compared to office furniture and floors that could need replacement at a very costly rate and very short time-frequency.

At all times during the purchase of glass, partitions ensure what you pay for is affordable, stylish, and never compromise on the quality of material used to craft them.